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We have big news this month for all of our Ad-Aware users around the world: the 2010 version of Ad-Aware is now available, giving you more power and control in the struggle to stay safe online.

Keep reading to get all the details on the improved anti-malware defense (including

all-new Genotype detection technology) and easy-to-use features of each new version. And - gamers and online entertainment fans - stay tuned in November for Lavasoft’s next new product release: Ad-Aware Game Edition!

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Erin Earley
Editor, Lavasoft News

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Now Available: The 2010 Version of Ad-Aware
Find out what each new version has to offer.

What’s Ad-Aware’s Genotype Detection All About?
Our quick guide to how this new technology protects you from the threats of today – and tomorrow.

Your Ad-Aware Questions, Answered
Answers to your questions on the new Ad-Aware – update instructions, compatibility information, and much more!

New Ad-Aware Internet Security

New Targets in Detection
Visit the Lavasoft Malware Labs blog to protect your privacy with new targets for October 2009.

Threat Check
Find out which threats have been creating the most buzz among Ad-Aware users this past month.

Bad Behavior
Learn about a virus known as Virut – and how Ad-Aware Plus and Pro versions keep you safe from it.

New Ad-Aware Internet Security
For 5 years after its introduction on the market, Ad-Aware grew entirely via word of mouth through the Internet community. Thanks to the support of our loyal users around the world who depend on our software to protect their online privacy and security, Ad-Aware has now been downloaded over 400 million times. Power to the people!
Ad-Aware now has two modes that give you the power to decide how you want to interact with the program: Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. Learn More
In a recent review, PC Magazine’s Neil Rubenking says that the bottom line on this release is that Ad-Aware “just keeps getting better”! In terms of scareware, one of today’s most prevalent online plagues, Ad-Aware blocked every single scareware sample – scoring a perfect 10 in the scareware blocking test.
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